Online slot games are some of the most popular casino games around, and it’s easy to see why. With their colorful themes, fun minigames and high payout percentages they offer players an entertaining and rewarding experience. Whether you’re new to online slot games or an experienced player, there are some things you should keep in mind before playing.

Reels and Paylines

The number of reels and paylines in an online slot game can make a big difference to your winning chances. The number of paylines varies from slot to slot, and some have as few as three reels while others have up to nine. Regardless of the number of reels, all online slots use an RNG (random number generator) to determine your sequence of symbols. The computer then uses an internal sequence table to find the corresponding stops on each reel.

Some online slots have wild symbols that can be used to make a winning combination even when they’re not on a pay line. These symbols can also act as a multiplier, doubling or tripling your payout when they appear on a winning spin. They are usually not substituted for scatter symbols, however, and can’t be re-triggered once the feature is activated.

Many online slots offer a bonus wheel feature where players can spin to win prizes such as free spins, special game modes or even a jackpot prize. These bonus features often require players to land certain symbols on the reels or complete a minigame to trigger them, and can provide a fun alternative to the standard gameplay of a particular slot game. The popularity of these features has led to the development of several different types of bonus wheels, which can be found at most online casinos.